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Jeeg Robot

Pursued by the police in the streets of Rome, Enzo dives into the waters of the Tiber and comes into contact with a radioactive substance that contaminates it. He soon realized that he had supernatural powers: a superhuman strength and capacity for regeneration that he decided to put to the service of his criminal activities. At least until he meets Alessia, a fragile and disturbed girl whom he saves from the clutches of Fabio, says “the Gypsy” a mafia ultra-violent psychopath who works with the Camorra. Witnessing the powers of Enzo, Alessia is convinced that he is the incarnation of Jeeg Robot, the hero of the Japanese manga present on Earth to save the world. But Enzo is going to be forced to confront “the Gypsy” who wants to know where this superhuman force comes from. Will he save the city from the murderous madness of Fabio and be the superhero Alessia sees in him?

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