Hotel Transylvania 3

In the animated film Hotel Transylvania 3 incomprehensible and inexplicable craving anything adult and young moviegoers to a variety of adventures of monsters and monsters, found in the continuing adventures of relatives and friends, Count Dracula. Hotel “Transylvania”, where all the numerous relatives of Count lives, there are significant changes in the life of fantastic creatures and must these changes are of course people, namely the fact that the only daughter of Dracula, fell in love with an ordinary boy, it happened, when the celebrated another birthday young and an attractive heiress, a terrible vampire.

The young man replied in kind, and had the old Count Dracula, bless such a strange and mysterious alliance, an alliance of evil spirits, and a normal person, if you can call it that. A natural result of any family life are children, our original couple was no exception, and the count, became a grandfather for the charming and restless baby. Parents decide to recover on a world trip, leaving the grandson in the care of his grandfather. Here is a full of unexpected adventures and turns action, waiting for the audience in the continuation of the cartoon.

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