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Hell Fest

Natalie, a young student, visits her best childhood friend, Brooke, and her roommate, Taylor. If there were any other moment of the year, their three friends and friends could have headed for a concert or bar, but it is Halloween, which means that, like everyone else, they will go to Hell Fest, a awesome theme park full of alleys, games and labyrinths. Every year, thousands of people participate in Hell Fest to experience fear in this terrible carnival. However, for a visitor, Hell Fest is not an attraction, it is a hunting ground, an opportunity to kill in the sight of an audience too caught in the terrible amusement atmosphere, to recognize the terrible reality that unfolds before their eyes . As the number of massacred bodies continues to grow with the frantic enthusiasm of the crowd, the killer directs his masked face to Natalie, Brooke, Taylor and their friends who will fight together to survive the terrible night.

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