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Paul (Stephen Dorff) is an expert in what hyenas ready for a trip into the wilderness of Africa to study them. He goes with his girlfriend, Russian woman (Svetlana Metkina) Tally, to assist him. The film begins with Tally what is unaffected and stunned, fleeing from some individuals in a mystery plane. But is it powerful enough Tally to handle a teenage American woman pampered? Paul’s daughter, Jo (Maisie Williams), was caught with drugs and now she was forced to stand together with her father for it to be put under surveillance. Jo is a spoiled child sitting all day with his nose in the iPad and with headphones in your ears, and when it bothers to speak do to complain about her father’s girlfriend or boring surroundings. These three characters end up getting involved with a group of poachers led by reinforced Mallick (Peter Stormare), in the middle of the desert.

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