Well, that’s where the poor Harold lies! He is hunted, followed, kidnapped. And all because of the dangerous formula and attempts of the chemical corporation to seize new markets … Who knew that a pharmacist could be so harmful to the state of health? The trip to Mexico conceals so many interesting surprises for the hero – there are drug dealers, and a brutal murder before his eyes, and some strange type, very similar to a psychopath.

Will his charming boss, an ambitious and risky blonde, help him and send him away, or will he still have to get out of the kaleidoscope of all sorts of troubles alone? In any case, the mad swirl of his adventures will make the viewer smile more than once, because, despite the terrible events taking place around, everything will be done by Nash Edgerton with a good dose of good humor. Harad, you are unlikely to forget now the hospitable neighboring country and its charming locals. Oh, Mexico, you’re so cruel to gringos!

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