I Need A Music Manager

I Need A Music Manager

In a perfect world, the best musicians make a name for themselves by crafting quality music. Of course, the world is by no means perfect, and you might not have the buzz you want right now. Why? It's because there is a separate side of the industry which is increasingly political. It's who you know, and not what you that gets you ahead.

At this point, you're probably thinking "I need a music manager to help him navigate the industry," and you'd be right. However, picking the right person for the job isn't as simple as choosing the first resume at the top of the pile.

Here's what you need to do to find the right handler.

Make Sure They're Enthusiastic

"I need a music manager, not someone who goes through the motions." This is what lots of potential breakthrough artists think of the daily because they've picked someone who's only motivation is money. If you do that, your manager will constantly pressure you into signing deals that aren't in your best interests because it pays the bills. A quality music manager thinks about lucrative contracts, but they also factor in what you need to grow and flourish. People who are enthusiastic about your music will understand what steps to take as they are fans.

Measure Their Success

Your manager will affect a lot of things, but break their role down into its purest form - are they getting you more gigs? You need a music manager at this point to raise awareness of your tracks to increase exposure. If they aren't doing it, you need to fire them and hire someone capable. As well as shows, try and gauge their importance with networking and marketing. The I-need-a-music-manager mentality is only helpful if the person introduces you to industry people who can open the door. They should also pitch in and offer creative advice on what will work advertising-wise.

Focus On Your Music

As a musician, your prime goal is to write music that grabs listeners' attention. You can't do that if you're concentrating on other areas of the industry. Your manager should take care of the rest so that you can get into a creative zone and let the music flow from your core. You're an expert in your field and they're an expert in theirs, so you need to focus on those areas to increase your chances of success. They might have notes that are worth considering, but for the most part, you need to be in control of the music.

Trust Them

There will be lots of stuff thrust in front of you that you're told to sign. Because you're not an industry specialist, you rely on a music manager to guide you in the right direction. Therefore, it's essential to trust them or else you might make a massive mistake. You can always have a lawyer look over the small print, yet an attorney can't tell you what steps to take next.

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I Need A Music Manager

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