Godzilla 2 : King of the Monsters

The expected premiere of the continuation of the famous blockbuster in 2014, when a huge monster came to our planet and ruined everything around. If you think that Godzilla again threatens people, then this is a big mistake. This time, humanity is facing another danger and now the ancient monster will return to the wide screen to protect people. He will have more, emerged from non-existence, serious opponents with whom Godzilla will enter into a terrible battle. Butterfly-giant Motra, the dragon of Hydor with three heads and winged pteroradon attack the Earth. Scale events of the film are held with powerful special effects and spectacular spectacles. Arrived monsters can not coexist peacefully with each other and can destroy the peaceful environment of all mankind on Earth. Godzilla should not allow such a catastrophe, the battle will be monstrous.

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