Duck Duck Goose

After being hurt in an accident, an adventurous goose is responsible for two orphans with big eyes, while facing the dangers and beauty of the outside world. Our hero, Peng, rejects the geese community he is part of in trying to live his life in his own terms. Peng is an independent goose who would do anything rather than prepare for future migration. He thinks he’s better than anybody else and spends his time trying out crazy stunts at even more crazy speeds. But after he saved two lost ducks, Chi and Chao, from the claws of an eccentric and dangerous cat named Banzou, the two perceive Peng as a parent. With a paralyzing winter on the horizon, Peng agrees to take care of the two chickens out of fear that his injury might be discovered by Banzou and other predators. In this unexpected encounter, Peng will begin a beautiful and dangerous journey, and in the course of time will understand the power of unconditional love, in the form of two orphan ducks, which also grow perceived as the best father -can ever have it.

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