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Meaza Ashenafi (Meron Getnet) is co-founder of a non-profit legal organizations that provide free legal advice to women in Ethiopia and protects their rights. The need for such an organization is stronger and activist in isolated communities such as that from three hours away from the capital, where a little girl aged 14 years, Hirut, lives with her family. While returning from school, Hirut kidnapped by seven armed men including the one to which he has been denied in the past request has a get to his wife. After a short while, she manages to escape from the hands of kidnappers with a gun at her and in a panic attack mortally shoots “matchmaker”. Such kidnappings are tolerated in Ethiopia based on an ancient tradition in which men have the right to choose their spouse that you want, and Hirut flies in the face of a death sentences if Maddox will fail to defend it.

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