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Dear Dictator

A bored high school student suffers from a lack of attention on the part of the mother who is having fun with the boss, she is beset by the company of the girls, who considers all students to be the third grade and to the point, the beloved guy turns out to be a religious fanatic. In such a situation, it is difficult for a girl to find understanding, but correspondence with the dictator of the island state is just right.

The general also has practically unresolved problems, since hired assassins are hiding in his entourage, the people are going to arrange an uprising, and creditors promise to plant him in a debt prison. To avoid such a fate, he secretly escapes from the residence and flies to his girlfriend by correspondence. Now in the strange friendship between the schoolgirl and the dictator, the school council, the parents’ committee, and the television will mix. In addition, mercenaries are on the heels of the general, ready to remove him at any moment. It remains only to get used to the modern world of the American dream and learn how to solve problems the way young teenagers, unsophisticated with politics and corruption, see them.

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