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Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back

After William, aged 27, fails at his new suicide attempt, he decides to seek the help of a 65-year-old assassin, Leslie, who works at an euthanasia clinic. After an accidental encounter on a bridge, William realizes he could use professional help. With so many attempts and zero successes, it’s obvious that a cold-blooded killer is exactly what William needs. After scrolling through Leslie’s book “Your Death, Your Way”, William sets out how to die: “fast and painless.” It’s not even the death of the hero he has always dreamed of, but it’s all he can afford. With the signing of the contract, William waits for the inevitable. But, with the assured death within a week (or the money back), William felt for the first time in his life how he got rid of a weight. However, a contract is a contract, and with regard to Leslie, William will not escape so easily.

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