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Dallas Buyers Club

In Dallas, 1985, electrician and occasional homophobe rodeo rider, Ron Woodroof, is a voracious consumer of tobacco, drugs and alcohol, which makes frequent sex with prostitutes and promiscuous women. When he faints in his caravan, and is sent to the hospital, Dr. Sevard and Dr. Eva announces that it is suffering from HIV disease and that he will die within 30 days. Ron meets also with a transexual named Rayon, which is also a drug addict and he has this disease. Ron does not accept the diagnosis, but a few days later, he realizes that he could be fair. He is doing research about disease and that AZT, the drug that you receive them, could be fatal for infected people. Furthermore, he discovers that there is a doctor in Mexico with license revoked that use alternative medicines in the treatment of AIDS. Ron’s health improves due to that medication and decide to sell it in Dallas. He is partnered with Rayon and soon he creates buyers ‘ Club in Dallas, where each Member must pay four hundred dollars a month to have the necessary medicines. But the FDA does not accept this and is oppressed by the authorities.

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