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In the movie Magnificent online on the Cote d’Azur, a woman named Angela herself lived. It will be possible to say that she has everything in order to achieve a good life. A rich house in which she lives and wears extravagant outfits, a loving husband who respects her and values ​​her whole heart. The main character has even a beautiful girlfriend, who is very well understood by her daughter with a small but unusual character. But everything went wrong as it is necessary and it turned out that the world turned upside down.

At the very moment of the celebration of Christmas, the main character learned that her husband had left the family without saying a word about it. What should a woman do: feel offended by the whole world and have the status of divorce? Of course not,. It is necessary to appreciate the freedom that she received, the more she has something left from living together with her husband in terms of property. This will be enough to taste the freedom that it truly has. What miracles a woman will see in a slightly changed life.

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