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In the movie Bleach, high school student Ichigo had from a long childhood, has the ability of the essence, which is that he can see the ghosts. No one has this ability. He does not tell anyone about it, so that no one thinks that he is not in order with his head. At one point a misfortune occurred to the young man. He met the ghost of a monster who attacked him. This ghost killed a young man and for a while Ichigo lost consciousness and probably would not be able to return to normal life.

But soon there was an angel, who gave a full opportunity to return to the main character of life. He did not know who could save him, and when he found out that it was an angel, he did not understand how to be in the future. It turned out that during the rescue, the angel gave him all his magical abilities, and she herself was left without them. Now she will have to be satisfied with the weaknesses of ordinary people, and Ichigo, on the contrary, to do things with which he could fight the ghosts. Why such an action will lead the main characters?

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