Battle Angel

As prophesied, many scientists of our world still crashed. All because humanity as always prefers to solve their problems by military means. As a result, almost the entire earthly civilization ceased to exist. Only a small number of people who could create a new world could survive. In their opinion, it was an absolutely perfect civilization. It was built, therefore, the highest society that is rich and successful lived in the upper city called Heavenly City. Accordingly, the poor lived in the lower town, which most likely resembled a huge garbage dump.

So Dr. Ido was, a resident of the lower city due to circumstances known to him, he was there. The man spent days and days digging into the mountain of garbage, where he found a huge number of broken robots. As Ido did not try to restore them, but he did not succeed. Once he found a robot of a female kind, called Alita. A few days later he still managed to repair the robot, but when she came to consciousness, she completely forgot what had happened to her before. In an attempt to remember her past, Alita overcame many difficulties, yet she found out what had happened to her.

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