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Avengers: Infinity War

In the movie Avengers: Infinity War, universe was under the greatest threat, for many years the mighty titan of Thanos collected six infinity stones and finally uniting them together he got the glove of infinity, now this is a powerful evil that has no equal in strength. The danger threatens everyone, people need their heroes as never before and again resort to the help of brave defenders, but the Avengers split after a series of events and it is now difficult to imagine them battling hand in hand.

In the company of avengers appear new heroes: Spiderman and Doctor Strange, but even with them the heroes can not figure out their personal differences, and in the meantime the pushed threat has nowhere to go and it’s time to fight shoulder to shoulder. After all, even combining all their strength in the fight against Thanos, they have virtually no chance of eliminating the enemy. Can the Avengers unite and fight for each other, as before? After all, without their protection, the inhabitants of the Earth have no hope of salvation. Or is this the last battle of the great heroes?

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