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Anita B.

Anita, a young Hungarian who managed to escape alive from Auschwitz camp is given, after the war, the only relatives alive, his aunt, his father’s sister Monika, aged 30 years. Mahoney didn’t it receives with too much enthusiasm on his niece and asks him to not say “aunt”. Monika lives with his husband Aron and his son Rafe in an isolated village in the Czech Republic, not far from Prague. In the House with her stand and Eli, his brother Aron. During this time, the Communists are getting ready to take control. Once you are in the home of his aunt, Anita feels a prisoner, like at Auschwitz: never leaves the House and sees other people apart from those in the House. Anita has a lot of dreams but, unlike the others, is determined not to turn his back.

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