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Tess, a young woman diagnosed with behavior disorders has recently moved into a new house with his mother Jessica hoping to get a fresh start. Even if it’s a smart girl, Tess is affected by numerous crises caused by his illness. To treat, Tess is forced to take a lot of medication and attend therapy sessions. After giving high rollers over the memorial in honor of Lucy, victim of a terrible car accident, Tess begins to be terrorized by terrible hallucinations. When Lucy’s spirit eventually wins the mind and soul completely Tess, Jessica does not know where to turn, for medicine or for religion? Faith leads them to the house of Sarah, his mother Lucy, plunged into a terrible depression after the accident. Sarah is convinced that Lucy lives through Tess but none is willing to give up his own daughter. Now that he failed to understand what was happening to her, Tess is forced to make a crucial decision: will continue to fight or give up.

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