In the online film Aladdin, he was prone to lies and contented himself with deception. A young thief named Aladin strives to become a prince, his soul is seduced by the beauty of Jasmine. The guy dreams quietly, then loudly out loud trying to live up to expectations and marry a charmer. At this time, Agrabs Jafar is building the illusions of becoming the ruler of Agraba. To get to power, he needs to penetrate the magic lamp in a deep cave.

The pinnacle of power is increasingly pulling the rogue, but there is no access to the place of storage, to avoid mistakes, unfortunately it is impossible, only those who call an uncut diamond deserve to be the owner. There are no direct roads to autocracy, to the peak of domination can be reached only by curved paths. The power of all more powerful attracts a scoundrel smell of profit. Who will be the first to have a secret goal and get the throne?

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