Acts of Violence

Once, the uncompromising Roman was a brave fighter of a secret, elite unit, heroically standing on protecting the near community from the insidious, endless attacks of cynical villains. Bravely participating in a multitude of veiled, risky operations, the man repeatedly met with a low-minded, impartial evil and unobtrusively gained legitimate victories over the arrogant enemy. However, fed up with such an intriguing life, filled with obvious dangers and intricate adventures, the experienced military man resolutely decides to quit the disgusted profession and become an ordinary, law-abiding citizen. Over time, accustomed to the slow, serene existence of the idle community, a former professional acquires a beautiful, beloved woman. Ordinary everyday life, once experienced warriors are in pleasant, leisurely preparations for the long-awaited, forthcoming wedding.

But the surviving enemies of Roman, tirelessly nurturing the ingenious plans of sophisticated revenge, reveal the location of their long-time aggressor. Scoundrels, intent on trying to inflict irreparable pain on a man, treacherously kidnap the treacherous bride of the poor fellow. Tearful of the oppressive grief hero, rejecting the previous, unobtrusive way of pastime, urgently gathers the team of former co-operatives and immediately goes to search for the lost lover. To the blazing righteous anger of the pursuers, the inquisitive detective James Avery, who also hunts powerful slavers who are abusers of the furious bridegroom, unauthorizedly joins.

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