A Wrinkle in Time

The restless babe yearns for a parent. The explorer, having gone on a journey in the name of a scientific experiment, disappeared without a trace. Behind the tragedy is a series of mysterious events Meg in the company of a brother-genius and a charming peer embarking in unknown distance. The girl’s father managed to build a path to distant worlds that allow followers to plow the expanses of various galaxies.

The brave trinity has understood, the barriers of time are torn, thus the veil of the future or the past days is ajar. Enthusiasts agree to feats in order to continue the great cause of the legendary professor. Friends live in an unlimited flight, weightlessness calms into the distance, the attraction of distant worlds becomes stronger, friends are ready to surrender to the mercy of stellar power. Ahead of the guys are waiting for the joy of discovery and the abyss of opportunities.

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