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The Prophet


On the island of Orphalese, Almitra, aged eight, is the nightmare merchants in town. The day that refuses to go Almitra at school, his mother sends Kamila at his workplace, where Mustafa, a political prisoner, resides. Even though Leonard i banned this, Almitra, moves from his father’s death, he entered the room of Mustafa. Excited about this visit altogether unexpected captivul takes advantage of the situation to show them drawings and intrusei his poems. A Sergeant whom he intervenes to announce that it will have on the prisoner finally got the chance to return to his native country. Mustafa Halim is escorted by the guardian. All the while, Almitra follows him from afar. The cortege crossed village, Mustafa is received as a hero. Start to read them poems about life, love, marriage and children. Almitra tries to escape on that fateful destiny Majiedt for awaits.

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