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Spooks: The Greater Good


While charismatic terrorist Qasim Adam manages to escape from the custody of British agency MI5 during a rendition that was supposed to be just a formality, the legendary Harry Pearce, leader of the Anti-Terrorism Division, is accused of negligence. Arriving in disgrace everyone from the top and not only being forced to resign from office and no longer surprise anybody when … the Thames disappeared. With its full MI5 footsteps Qasim scandal and the controversial reforms before a former agent Will Crombie is restored to reveal the truth that everyone feared: that Harry is still alive! He left his head in a mission to find the real culprits for his escape Qasim and needs Will’s help to do it! Will is now in a position to choose whether to trust a man compromise or surrender it and risk that the terrorist to launch a devastating attack on MI5 and the whole of London.

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