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Gone Doggy Gone


Abby and Eliot are two young, married for a while now. I’m so busy with their jobs way that slowly distanced themselves. It seems that the only thing we have in common is their dog, an adorable Yorkie named Laila. Abby and She considers their child’s U. U mean everything to them. They hired up and a nanny to take care of her as long as they are within the workplace. Jill, bona, a lead dog on Ian at the Park every day. For Jill, Shane is the best friend. Jill is going through a difficult period: was fired recently and his lover gave her slippers. It is sadder and the moment you find that Eliot was offered a post in San Francisco and that to carry on with her U. Decides to kidnap her on Laila and ask for a ransom of $30,000.

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